We are a dedicated team specializing in domestic and international parcel solutions for e-commerce businesses.

Side-step the shark infested shipping marketplace. Empower your business with a guide you can trust. Ship Yonder.

What We Do

Logistics means so much and there's a ton to consider. We help e-commerce shippers wade through all of their options to maximize efficiency, profitability, and end-user experience.

Which carrier? What software program? How do I lower costs? What's the best for my customer?

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Why Ship With Us?

We could take the one size fits all approach; we really do have an option for almost everyone. But that's not where we shine. We serve a handful of niches, and we serve them really well. Our specialties change as the industry changes, and we're always looking for new opportunities.

Here's what we do best right now:

  • E-commerce Shipping – Up to 15,000 Packages Daily
  • B2B Parcel – Domestic and International
  • Startup Consultation and Advisory Services
  • Reliable Off-Site Warehousing and Fulfillment
  • Worldwide Tradeshow Transit
  • LTL – Standard, Expedited, and Guaranteed Options
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